Hi Axel, 

What does a typical workday look like?

Our days are mostly spent coding. With small breaks for questions to/from Testers/Product Management or irregular meetings. We use JIRA to keep track of our tasks and issues and code reviews.

Can you describe your tasks as Developer? 

We have long periods of time when we develop new features for the upcoming version. First we implement features according to specifications. We then work closely with the Product Management to refine the new features and changes. 

We also take part in the design/specification process where we can give quality opinions of how things should be done from a technical perspective with knowledge how the codebase works or how similar problems are solved in other software.

How would you describe your colleagues and the working culture? 

The department has a very relaxed atmosphere, the people are very easy to work with. We take our moto 'learning environment' by heart, there is never any wrong in asking questions, discuss issues or bring up suggestions. 

What do you like the most about your job? 

For me, it is the culture of the department, I like the focus on learning and improvement. I also like is the ability to express my own thoughts on how the product should improve.

... and Company Training! 


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